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Step 1:  Process starts with a comprehensive understanding of your goals and objectives.  What is important to you, and when would you like these important goals be achieved?  In addition to determining your goals, we need to determine your comfort with risk and volatility.

Step 2: We will create an Investment Policy statement, and a written financial plan to outline how your goals will be achieved.

Step 3: We implement the plan, while maintaining an important focus on tax consequences and estate planning

Step 4: We monitor the process. Our commitment to maintaining the target asset allocation by periodic

Value added:

  • arrowAccess to my tax specialist will, provide a second opinion on your current corporate & personal tax scenario and my recommendations

  • arrowAccess to proprietary research:

5 Biggest Challenges & Solutions for Canadian business owners, and actionable solutions:


Monitoring Plan:

Automated system:

One-on-one portfolio reviews: Semi-Annually ( every 6 months)

  • arrowreview current performance

  • arrowreview asset allocation

  • arrowreview income requirements

  • arrowany recommend changes

Consolidated Online Access:

Monitoring Plan